Pre-Assessment Engineering Services

Vanguard Methane Sensor in action in the field

Safety Scan uses the very latest in available technologies to perform its pre-assessment engineering services. Utilizing a combination of these technologies: the United Electric Vanguard Wireless Hart Methane Leak Detector, the Flir GF 320 Optical Gas Imaging Camera and the Laser Portable Methane Detector, we are able to identify the source of low level "fugitive emissions" and determine best practices for deploying and providing reliable gas leak detection for your facility.

Continuous monitoring for fixed sources such as wellheads, crude storage tanks, compressor stations, regulator stations, etc. is preferable to intermittent monitoring using hand-operated technologies (sniffer, handheld open path radar), as a small leak can develop into a large leak in a short period of time. Handheld leak detection is costly due to high labor costs and is not timely unless deployed on a continuous basis. Traditional NDIR point detection is effective but costly due to high installation costs associated with wired (signal and power).

Safety Scan recommends the self-powered, wireless-communicating gas detectors that we use to identify gas leaks. Contact us for a demonstration at your facility.

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