Comply with Texas Gas Storage and Inspection Regulations

We detect gas leaks using a state of the art infrared camera that displays gas leaks from volatile organic compounds and gases that are invisible to the eye are clearly visible in real time, represented as a smoke. Videos can be recorded and GPS tagged photos can be saved.
Certified personnel carry out the inspection at your facility and you will receive a complete report with videos and GPS tagged pictures of the findings of all the inspected locations pinpointing any leaking spots. At your request the inspection can be extended to quantify the leaks.

This revolutionary technology will show gas emissions visually as smoke plumes. Once the leak has been detected from a safe place using the camera, quickly and reliably, a further test procedure can be performed to determine the concentration of the escaping gas. Generally, inspections using infrared cameras offer a number of advantages over conventional technologies. A hand-held infrared camera is a quick and non-contacting test instrument that also allows inspections to be made in locations that are difficult to access.

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