Comply with the California Comprehensive Emergency Gas Storage and Inspection Regulations

The California Department of Conservation (DOC) has announced a host of new regulations to strengthen state oversight of oil and gas storage in California including multiple testing, inspection and monitoring requirements for all wells in the state. The emergency regulations were generated in response to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr.’s January 6 declaration of a state of emergency due to the ongoing Southern California Gas Company natural gas leak at Aliso Canyon.

Safety Scan USA can help you comply with this part of the emergency inspection requirement:

“Require at least a daily inspection of gas storage well heads, using gas leak detection technology such as infrared imaging. “We will execute daily infrared imaging inspections along with our report of the findings. The daily report will include:

> A summary of our findings made by one of our Professional Engineers
> Infrared and Digital Videos of your facilities with date, time and GPS information of the locations of the inspections*
> Infrared and Digital photos with date, time and GPS information embedded in the files of the locations of the inspections
with a high encryption mode*

* The encrypted information embedded in the files provides security that the real dates, times and locations are safe and can not be modified, for auditing purposes for example

The privacy of our clients’ information is of utmost importance to us!
All information gathered and produced from our visits and inspections to the client’s locations are for the sole use and property of our clients and are only delivered to our clients using a secure electronic delivery method.

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